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History 7 Early Civilizations

Resources for the H7 Museum Project

Recommended Websites

Google Web Search

Google Search tips

  • Your culture + artifact
    • Sumer + artifact
  • Your culture + a descriptive term
    • Example:  Egypt + jewelry
  • You can also add the words "traditional" OR "ancient"
    • Example: Egypt + traditional + jewelry
  • Your culture + traits of civilization
    • Example: Sumer + record keeping
  • + search phrase 
  • + search phrase
  • + search phrase

To find images with Google

  • Search for a reliable website first, then see if there are any pictures available
  • Perform a Google image search using the site:. formula, and check the website from which the image originates

To find images with Databases

  • Locate an article you found on Day 1, then see if there are any pictures
  • Perform a keyword search (ex. Sumer cuneiform) and narrow the search to images
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