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Latin 1B Achievements of the Roman People: Recommended Resources

Achievements of the Roman People

Noodletools for Citations, Note Cards & Outines

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  2. ‚ÄčClick on Access Via Google Education
  3. Sign in with your Hopkins email

Off Campus Access

Use your Hopkins username and password 


Recommended Resources


Use your Hopkins username and password to access Calarco's Reference Databases from off campus.


Reference books are located on the upper level of the library.  You'll find many helpful sources there, including these:

  Calarco Library Catalog

Tips for searching for books:

  • The catalog is not Google. Keep your searches short (1-2 words)!
  • Searching for your specific achievement might not work. Think broader (Rome, Roman, architecture, art, etc). 
  • There's no auto-correct. Check your spelling!
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