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AC1 Map Project

Recommended Resources for AC1 Map Project

Google TourBuilder


  1. Choose your assigned number of important locations
  2. Sign in with your Hopkins email address
  3. Click “Create Tour”
  4. Name your tour and add your name
  5. Write a 2-3 sentence introduction that will grab your viewer's attention
  6. Add each location in the order you think makes the most sense
  7. You should have one frame zoomed out enough that shows all  locations
  8. For each location:
  • Zoom in to the angle you want and then add a placemark.  
  • Enhance your story by adding a photo or video
  • Include information that explains why the location is important
  • To spell-check: enter text in a Word document, then copy/paste into TourBuilder


  1. Click "Share" button on the upper right side of screen
  2. Click the Gmail icon to send your teacher a link to your tour via Gmail
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