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AC3 Research Paper Resources: Find a Topic -- Reference Sources

Noodletools for Citations, Note Cards & Outines

  1. Go to Noodletools sign in
  2. ‚ÄčClick on Access Via Google Education
  3. Sign in with your Hopkins email

Off Campus Access

Use your Hopkins username and password 


AC3 Reference Sources

EBSCO Discovery Service

Use the LOCATION limiter on the left side of the page to limit your results to REFERENCE sources.

Your research question 

  • Can be answered in multiple ways, does not have a simple yes or no answer
  • Focuses your research
  • Helps you choose, critically read and evaluate your sources 

Your preliminary thesis statement

  • Identifies the topic you are researching
  • May be refined or changed as you expand your sources

Your thesis statement 

  • Your answer to the research question, your opinion
  • Usually a single sentence somewhere in your first paragraph that presents your argument 
  • Supported by evidence from sources cited in your paper 
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