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AC2 Reforms and Revolutions Project (1815 - 1850): Resources

Presentation Questions

  • What major events did your country experience between 1815 and 1848?
  • Did other countries interfere with your country? How so?
  • Was there a central figure or figures leading your country during this era?
  • Any Romantic Art used to symbolize some event in your country?
  • Did the Revolutions of 1848 affect your country?
  • Which philosophy described your country the best in the period 1815-1848: liberalism, nationalism, conservatism, or socialism?

Reference Resources

Starter Search Terms:

  • Congress of Vienna 1815‚Äč
  • laissez-faire
  • Karl Marx
  • Belgian Legion
  • Republicanism
  • Greater Poland Uprising
  • Greek Revolution
  • European Revolutions 1848
Discovery Service
Discovery Service

Limit Calarco Discovery search results to reference books. Go to LOCATION on the left-hand side and select REFERENCE.

Dewey Classification

  • 000-099: General Works
  • 100-199: Philosophy and Psychology
  • 200-299: Religion
  • 300-399: Social Sciences (Political Science, Economics, Military, etc.)
  • 400-499: Language
  • 500-599: Science and Math
  • 600-699: Technology (Medicine, Engineering, etc.)
  • 700-799: Arts and Recreation (Art, Architecture, Film, etc.)
  • 800-899: Literature
  • 900-999: History and Geography

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