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History 7 - Mr. Phipps: Museum of Culture Project

About the Project

The Hopkins Museum of Culture is having its grand opening in a few weeks! The first exhibit will be on indigenous (native) cultures around the world, and you (yes, you!) have been hired as a curator for one of the displays. The Museum’s Director, the esteemed Mr. Phipps, will assign you a tribe to research. You will then

  • select an artifact that represents an element of that tribe’s culture
  • create a representation of that artifact for the museum exhibit, and
  • write an explanation of the artifact to inform our museum visitors of its cultural significance. 

Customs and traditions  | Religion Social organization  | Government Economic Systems Language |Arts & Literature

Recommended Resources

Google Search tips:

  • Your tribe + a descriptive term
    • Examples:  Maori + jewelry, Masai + weapons
  • You can also add the word "traditional"
    • Example: Inuit + traditional + jewelry
  • Your tribe + an element of culture 
    • Examples: Inuit + social organization
  • site:edu + search phrase 
  • site:org + search phrase
  • site:gov + search phrase

To find images with Google:

  • Search for a reliable website first, then see if there are any pictures on it.
  • You can also do a Google image search.  Use the SEARCH TOOL  link to choose images that are not copyrighted.


How to Evaluate a Website using the 5Ws

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