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History 7 - Mr. Phipps: Museum of Culture Project

About the Project

The Hopkins Museum of Culture is having its grand opening in a few weeks! The first exhibit will be on indigenous (native) cultures around the world, and you (yes, you!) have been hired as a curator for one of the displays. The Museum’s Director, the esteemed Mr. Phipps, will assign you a tribe to research. You will then

  • select an artifact that represents an element of that tribe’s culture
  • create a representation of that artifact for the museum exhibit, and
  • write an explanation of the artifact to inform our museum visitors of its cultural significance. 

Customs and traditions  | Religion Social organization  | Government Economic Systems Language |Arts & Literature

Easy Bib Sign Up

  1. From a Hopkins computer, go to EasyBib
  2. Click on Sign in with Google
  3. Sign in with your Hopkins Google account. 
  4. Hover over Hi, [Your Name] in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Choose Coupon Codes from the menu.
  6. Click on EDU Users! Click here if you're using an EDU coupon code
  7. Enter the Hopkins Coupon Code and click Save.
  8. Create your new project

Use EasyBib to Evaluate Websites

Recommended Resources

Google Search tips:

  • Your tribe + a descriptive term
    • Examples:  Maori + jewelry, Masai + weapons
  • You can also add the word "traditional"
    • Example: Inuit + traditional + jewelry
  • Your tribe + an element of culture 
    • Examples: Inuit + social organization
  • site:edu + search phrase 
  • site:org + search phrase
  • site:gov + search phrase

To find images with Google:

  • Search for a reliable website first, then see if there are any pictures on it.
  • You can also do a Google image search.  Use the SEARCH TOOL  link to choose images that are not copyrighted.


How to Evaluate a Website using the 5Ws

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