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History 7 - Museum of Culture Project: Museum of Culture Project

About the Project

The Hopkins Museum of Culture is having its grand opening in a few weeks! The first exhibit will be on indigenous (native) cultures around the world, and you (yes, you!) have been hired as a curator for one of the displays. The Museum’s Director – none other than your esteemed teacher  will assign you a tribe to research. You will then select an artifact that represents an element of that tribe’s culture, create a representation of that artifact for the museum exhibit, and write an explanation of the artifact to inform our museum visitors of its cultural significance. 

Customs and traditions  | Religion Social organization  | Government Economic Systems Language |Arts & Literature

Recommended Resources

You will spend the Day 1 researching with the library databases and filling out your Culture Chart.

Research Databases

You will spend Day 2 identifying an artifact and filling out your Artifact Research Chart.

Google Search tips

  • Your tribe + a descriptive term
    • Examples:  Maori + jewelry, Maasai + weapons
  • You can also add the word "traditional"
    • Example: Inuit + traditional + jewelry
  • Your tribe + an element of culture 
    • Examples: Inuit + social organization
  • + search phrase 
  • + search phrase
  • + search phrase

To find images with Google

  • Search for a reliable website first, then see if there are any pictures available
  • Perform a Google image search using the site:. formula, and check the website from which the image originates

To find images with Databases

  • Locate an article you found on Day 1, then see if there are any pictures
  • Perform a keyword search (ex. Bedouin amulet) and narrow the search to images

You will spend Day 3 combining your culture and artifact research by filling out your Museum Project Research Notes.

Research Bonus - Books

In need of more information for your culture chart? Looking for better pictures of the artifact you hope to build? Worried that the internet has nothing more to offer? Fear not! To the books!

*Ask a librarian for help if you aren't sure how to find the books listed below*

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How to Evaluate a Website (5Ws Video)

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