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History 8 - Hinduism and Buddhism: 1. Getting Started

Your Assignment

Religion is central to all parts of Indian life. The class will be divided into two groups: one will research Hinduism and the other Buddhism. 

Each group will put together a presentation with the use of GooglePresentation or a PowerPoint.  


  • Hinduism - The Aryans, Caste system, Major gods, Dharma, Karma, Nirvana, Role in the lives of people, How it inspired the arts

  • Buddhism - Early life of Siddhartha, Karma, 4 Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, Nirvana, ROle in the lives of people, How it inspired the arts. 

    Calarco Online Reference

    Recommended Print Resources in Calarco Library

    REF = upper level.  All others are on the lower level of the library.

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