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Health 10: 1. Research Your Topic

Nutrition Project Resources

About the Project

Project requirements:

  • TWO sources from Calarco databases
  • TWO sources from the recommended websites
  • A bibliography using APA format created in EasyBib and shared with your teacher
  • 5 to 8 minute presentation (visual resources required) in which you teach your findings to your classmates using one an informational brochure, a lesson for Junior school class, a slideshow, or a Prezi.

Goals for Each Class

First class:

  • Set up one bibliography per project; share your teacher AND your partner
  • Set up one Google Doc for taking notes; share with your teacher AND your partner
  • Plan your research with your partner.
  • Begin researching your topic. Take notes on a Google doc that is shared with your partner and teacher.

Second class:

  • Decide on the 3 or 4 main points you will present to the class
  • Finish researching your topic. Take notes on the Google doc shared with your partner and teacher.

Third Class:

Recommended Resources

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