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Some ideas to get the planning discussion started

Some preliminary thoughts from Liz:

  1. The idea of hosting a Teach-In of sorts, particularly given the current political polarization.  Maybe that could be a piece of this, potentially replacing a history lecture, where we could have scholars speaking to various aspects of today's political decision-making and current debates in reference to the Constitution.
  2. Maybe an historical essay contest that is Constitution-based.  I'm not sure who sponsors it, but that could be a piece of this.

More ideas:

  1. Sandwich seminars/guest lectures by constitutional scholars from Yale with a focus on specific aspects of theconstitution/bill of rights.  This might work for classes or clubs.  Perhaps an all-school assembly followed by Q&A (Free)
    • Professor Akill Amar has enthusiastically endorsed this project and has offered his assistance in brining it to life at Hopkins
  2. Distance learning program from the National Archives for middle & high school students in MSN classroom.  Focused on the Bill of Rights (Free)
  3. Traveling exhibit: Emancipation and its legacies focuses on the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments from Gilder Lehrman for display in Calarco Library (free because we are an affiliate school).  
  4. Traveling exhibit: Lincoln:The Constitution and the Civil War from National Constitution Center for display in Keator Gallery which would be available to us between 10/9/17 and 10/31/17.  At a cost of $5,000 + shipping, this is a very pricey exhibit, but it is very well done.    See the video tour below.  
  5. Free  pocket Constitution booklets available in Calarco Library
  6. Possible Fall production related to constitutional themes by Hopkins Drama Association
  7. Assembly recitation & performance - preamble at assembly? Thom Peters also suggested a choral piece that focuses on the Bill of Rights and has mentioned it to Erika Schroth who is interested, and Robert Smith is thinking about instrumental performances from the period or otherwise related.
  8. Winter or Spring Break pleasure read with (evening or after school?) book discussion 
  9. Thom also suggested reaching out the the Math Dept. Geometry teachers might do something with gerrymandering?  Statistics might do some work on political polls/census?
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