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Flipster Online Magazine Collection

  • Download the Flipster app @ Google Play or Apple App Store 
  • In app list, find HOPKINS SCHOOL 
  • Login: hopkinsschool
  • Password: hop2020!


Archaeology Magazine Artnews magazine The Atlantic magazine History magazine The Nation
National Geographic magazine National Review cover Newsweek magazine cover Outside magazine cover Poetry magazine
Popular Mechanics magazine Popular Science magazine Readers Digest Rolling Stone magazine Science News magazine Scientific American magazine
Sports Illustrated magazine cover Time magazine Vogue magazine Wired magazine Flipster Digital Magazines


Chronicle of Higher Education Log In

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Go to, click “Log In” 
  • Choose  “Create an account now” 
  • Use your HOPKINS e-mail address  


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The New York Times


The Wall Street Journal Log In

The Wall Street Journal

  • Remote access during the covid-19 pandemic closure:
  • Go to 
  • Username:
  • Password: wsj123‚Äč
  • ONLY available logged into Hopkins network
  • MUST use this link:
  • Mobile access not available 
  • Need help?
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