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Book Tasting: Introduction

This is a general book tasting guide for any English classes in the Junior or Upper Schools.

What is a Book Tasting?

Welcome to your Calarco Library Book Tasting. Browse the book lists on this guide and begin the process of choosing which book(s) you want to read. Sample a minimum of FIVE books during the class period.

BROWSE - use the LibGuide and handouts to discover titles of interest

EXPLORE - read the summaries and reviews in the Library Catalog, as well as reviews on Book Riot, Kirkus, and more

WRITE - jot down impressions of each book on notecards

READ continue sampling options after the Book Tasting until you settle on a final reading choice

POST - ask a librarian if you can submit a guest book review on the Calarco Library Blog (the answer is always YES)

INTERACT - create a Goodreads account (follow Calarco!) and explore new ways to talk about books

Calarco on Goodreads

Calarco Library's books

The Battle of the Labyrinth
Oliver Cromwell: God's Warrior and the English Revolution
A World Undone: The Story of the Great War, 1914 to 1918
Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues
The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease
The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History
Why Evolution Is True
The Universe Within: Discovering the Common History of Rocks, Planets, and People
Dreaming in Chinese: Mandarin Lessons in Life, Love, And Language
Thinking, Fast and Slow
Owly, Volume 1:  The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer
Columbus and the World Around Him
The Oxford History of Mexico
Mexican History: A Primary Source Reader
The Arab Awakening: America and the Transformation of the Middle East
A History of the Arab Peoples
Min kamp 2
The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories
Looking for the Gulf Motel
Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing

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Reading Suggestions


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